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October 9th, 2017

Intermodal: Going Green.Simplified

If you’re looking for ways to make your company more environmentally friendly by reducing your carbon footprint then perhaps you should consider intermodal shipping methods. What makes intermodal a green choice? Let’s take a look.  What’s so green about intermodal? Here’s what makes intermodal so …...
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September 12th, 2017

Four Myths of Intermodal Shipping – Debunked

Considering using intermodal transportation to reap the many benefits it offers? You may have heard some of the myths that were once true. To aid you in your decision, let’s look at the four most common myths around intermodal shipping. Once you’re armed with updated information, you’ll be equipped …...
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August 22nd, 2017

Intermodal Versus Multimodal – What’s the Difference and Which Should You Select?

Selecting the best mode of transportation for your shipment can be complicated. There are so many factors to consider, such as, what’s being shipped, how far it’s traveling, and how quickly it needs to reach its destination. If you’re trying to decide between intermodal and multimodal, you may be wo…...
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August 8th, 2017

How Will You Benefit From Intermodal Transportation?

Intermodal transportation uses multiple modes, or carriers, to move approximately 25 million containers each year. In our last post we discussed what intermodal is and how to know when to choose it. You’re probably wondering about the benefits of selecting it. Below are several you’ll want to consid…...
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July 18th, 2017

What is Intermodal Transportation and When is it the Best Choice?

Intermodal transportation is the use of two or more modes, or carriers, to transport goods (freight) from shipper to consignee. Special standardized containers are used for intermodal transport of cargo on trucks, freight trains, and ships. These containers are large rectangular boxes, capable of be…...
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