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Weight and Research Inspections What they are and… how to reduce their impact on shipping costs

Jun 15, 2015

Tired of receiving multiple invoices for each shipment? Want to understand what the charges are on the additional invoices? Have you been wishing that you could reduce shipping costs and make them more predictable? If you answered “Yes” to one or all of these questions then this one’s for you!

 What is W&R?

Often the additional invoices sent by carriers for a shipment you have already been invoiced for are for weight and freight class discrepancies. Many carriers employ  weight and inspection coordinators. These Coordinators typically inspect shipments for erroneous commodity descriptions that may impact the freight class. They will also reweigh shipments should they suspect that the weight is not accurate on the bill of lading.

Carriers’ costing models require accurate freight classes and weights, as they bill at a cost per hundred weight. The more the shipment weighs, the more it will cost to ship. When a shipment is found to have discrepancies, the carrier will change the freight class and weight, these changes can severely impact the freight costs.

How to reduce their impact

Things you can do to begin reducing the likelihood of a W&R immediately, include:

1. Provide a spec sheet for the goods in your shipment. 

2. Certify your scales.

3. Taking the necessary extra steps when creating your freight shipment by measuring boxes accurately, weighing all shipments, and making appropriate adjustments that will give carriers less opportunities to tack on additional charges and give you the leverage you need to better dispute the carriers changes.

4. Automating data entry with scanning equipment as it applies to specific shipment credentials such as weight, dimension, and such.

5. Using a third-party logistics provider to both manually and automatically audit every freight invoice and then interface with the carriers on your behalf to help you secure refunds when you are charged incorrectly.

You can combat weight and research inspections by actively managing supply chain and logistics.  Do this by optimizing processes and implementing cost-saving ideas to improve shipment budgeting and prevent having to cut corners unnecessarily.

American Group is here to help

Always make sure that you are quoting the shipment accurately. Should you have questions on proper freight class, contact American Group for help. 

Should you find you received an invoice that you disagree with, American Group will fight the carrier’s findings on your behalf. With proper documentation, these W&R invoices have a much greater chance of being reversed.

Contact American Group if you have any questions on proper freight class, before the shipment is quoted.  

For additional information or assistance contact your American Group representative or call 1- 866-553-6608.