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Expedited Freight Shipping Methods to Consider

May 21, 2018

So you’ve decided that you want your freight shipment to arrive at its destination in the shortest time possible. Perhaps you have a manufacturing inventory shortfall, a perishable product to transport, or you need a part for a broken piece of production equipment that must be repaired ASAP. But how will you fulfill your rapid requirement? Before you can make a selection, you need to know what expedited freight shipping methods are available. Let’s review them. 

Expedited Freight methods-Stopwatch - Fast Delivery.jpgExpedited Freight Shipping Methods 

There are many expedited freight shipping methods available today. Below is a listing of them and a brief discussion of each. The expedited methods include:

  • Air Charter
  • Hand Carry
  • Air Freight
  • Dedicated Truck/Hotshot

Air Charter:  Air charter is the fastest option when your shipment is traveling across the continental US or abroad. When utilizing an Air Charter, your freight is moving on a chartered aircraft for your exclusive use.  This mode of transportation is among the most expensive available, but also provides the fastest service for long transits.  When considering an air charter option, it is important to remember that different aircraft have different weight restrictions as well as door sizes.

Hand Carry:  This mode is typically reserved for items that can be carried on to a commercial aircraft such as documents or small parts.  However, it can also apply to luggage that is being checked with the airline to go in the cargo hold.  When a hand carry is being performed, the person who picks up the freight from the shipper is also the person who will travel with the freight on the aircraft and perform the delivery to the consignee.

Air Freight:  Next day, 2-day and 3-day air options are available for shipments weighing 150 lbs. or more via freight carriers as well as commercial airlines.  In order to ship via a commercial airline, you must become a Known Shipper with the TSA.  For industries that rely on just in time logistic solutions, such as the US auto makers and their suppliers, Air Freight is a crucial mode of their supply chain.

Dedicated Truck: Also referred to as Hot Shot or Full Truckload, Dedicated Truck can be both faster and cheaper than air expedite options depending on the required transit.  Like Air Charter, your freight will move exclusively and directly from the shipper to the consignee.  When traveling shorter distances, a Dedicated Truck is typically the best option for freight that needs to be expedited.

So, you see, there are various methods available to meet your expedited freight shipping requirements. In future posts we’ll be discussing how to select the best method for your specific expedited shipment as well as cost containment in expedited shipping. Need help selecting the best expedited shipping method to meet your urgent requirements? Contact American Group for assistance.

American Group is a 3PL with decades of experience guiding businesses through the selection, preparation, and shipping of their freight. Contact us for assistance with your next shipment by phone at 866-553-6608 or by email at We’re here to make Shipping.Simplified®.


Photo credit: Copyright: <a href=''>jacekkita / 123RF Stock Photo</a>