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5 Considerations When Selecting an Expedited Freight Method

Jul 12, 2018

Previously we discussed different expedited freight shipping options including air charter, hand carry, air freight, and dedicated truck (aka Hotshot). If you’ve decided that you need to use an expedited shipping method, how do you select the best method to meet your requirements? Here are five considerations to keep in mind when doing so: 

Expedited shipping considerations-American Group.jpgFirst you’ll want to consider the time and date by which the material must reach its destination. The time of day and date by which your shipment must arrive may limit your options. 

The second thing to consider when selecting an expedited shipping method is the distance between the shipper and consignee. As with the turnaround time, how far your freight must travel in the allotted time may further narrow your shipping options. 

The third consideration when deciding how to send expedited freight is the dimensions and weight of the shipment. This is important because not all expedited methods accept all sizes and shapes of freight. 

Fourth, you must consider the costs involved. There are a few costs to remember when selecting an expedited shipping method. They include:

  • Costs of a failure to deliver such as: the cost of not being able to operate due to not having the material on hand or the penalty for not delivering by the drop dead date.
  • Actual shipping costs. Remember that the actual cost of expedited shipping is often weighed against the costs of failure to deliver. This will help determine whether or not to proceed with an expedited shipment. 

The fifth and final category of consideration, when selecting an expedited shipping method, is handling and security.  These two things usually go hand in hand. How delicate and/or valuable the shipment is dictates the amount of security and special handling required. It also influences which expedited shipping methods are best suited to your shipment as well as how cost effective each method will be, based on the other factors discussed above.

Once you evaluate all of these issues, for your expedited freight shipment, you’ll have a clear picture of which methods are best for the given situation. Need help selecting the best expedited shipping method to meet your urgent requirements? Contact American Group for assistance. 

American Group is a 3PL with decades of experience guiding businesses through the selection, preparation, and shipping of their freight. Contact us for assistance with your next shipment by phone at 866-553-6608 or by email at We’re here to make Shipping.Simplified®.

Photo attribution: Copyright: <a href=''>coramax / 123RF Stock Photo</a>