Month: April 2023

How to Become a Freight Brokerage Agent

Are you looking for a career that offers a high salary and a flexible lifestyle? Have you considered becoming a freight brokerage agent? As a transportation intermediary, freight brokers are responsible for connecting shippers with carriers to move freight. The role of a freight broker comes with many advantages. Benefits include the ability to work […]

Written by on April 27, 2023

The Benefits of Less than Truckload (LTL) Shipping

With any shipping decision, options must be weighed to align with company priorities. What is most important? A critical on-time delivery? Cost-savings? Mitigating market volatility? Perhaps it’s the security of your product. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer; each customer and each shipment is different, and the benefits will differ, too. In this article, we will provide […]

Written by on April 20, 2023